How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

Bathroom floor tile is a wonderful enhancement to any bathroom decor as the look that you are wanting is something that any floor tiling can help to create. Matching the other bathroom features will be paramount in this installation as this the answer to the question of how to tile a bathroom floor is answered within.

Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Decor

How to Tile a Bathroom Floor In No Time At All

While laying bathroom tile is a much easier task then you may have originally thought, there are many tedious steps that  you can find below that will not only make this easy, but also fun. Tending to any home improvement project should be fun after all as creating the allure of what you are wanting your bathroom decor to be should be something that should be one of the most wonderful attributes of doing the work yourself.

Keep reading below, and you will find just How to Tile a Bathroom Floor with no effort at all.

How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

Plan Ahead

Just like any big home improvement project, make sure that you take all the necessary steps ahead of time to make sure that you have a clear direction of where you are, where it is you want to end up, and how exactly you intend on getting there. Starting first by determining the bathroom floor tiles that you want by taking into account the bathroom design you are wanting to create, the type of floor tiles you want to buy such as ceramic or granite, and make sure that you have all the resources that you will need to finish the job such as ground, a sander, and other common tools.

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom Design

Prep the Area

After a clear direction is determined and you have all the necessary accessories that you will need, you will have to prep the bathroom floor to get it ready to lay the tile. Prepping the area includes cleaning the bathroom floor, making sure that is free from debris such as staples, nails and tack strips and making sure that the bathroom itself is well-ventilated. The smell of the material used such as the grout and from the ceramic itself may caused a headache or some other complication if the room is not ventilated.

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Setting Tile

Laying the Bathroom Tile

When considering how to tile a bathroom floor, the first concept that will make this much easier is to utilize the full-sized tiles in areas where they will be noticed more. Using the smaller or cut tiles in areas such as the bathroom vanity or behind the toilet will not only save you from having to cut more floor tiles, but will also help to keep the size of the tiles more consistent in the open parts of the rooms.

How to Lay Tile Floor

How to Lay Tile Floor

Let the Tile Cure

After the tile is laid, you will want to let the area set and cure for at least 24 hours as this is how long it typically takes for the thinset to cure. Stepping on the floor tile too early may cause an uneven setting or may even caused one of the tiles to  break due to the cushioned and still wet underside. Overall, this is a necessary component to help you with how to tile a bathroom floor.

Bathroom Floor Tile

Laying Tile

The completed project will not only fully enhance the appeal of the bathroom decor, but it will produce the look of a bathroom like none other. Also, it will bring you the satisfaction of knowing that this was done with hard-work that is much deserving of the spectacle that has been created by your bare hands. If you were wondering how to tile a bathroom floor, then this information will not only answer all the questions you may have had, but will also provide you step by step instructions to make sure that you are able to finish what you are hoping to start.

The following video will provide you a very thorough and detailed step by step direction of How to Tile a Bathroom Floor.

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